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Gipps vs Seth: The Muddle of Predictive Processing

          “without a constant misuse of language, there cannot be any discovery, any progress”           Paul Feyerabend,  Against Method This blogpost is written in response to a  blogpost by Richard Gipps  in which he critiques the account of perception as a form of prediction and “controlled hallucination” as presented in Anil Seth’s book  Being You . Gipps takes a Wittgensteinian approach here and is concerned with the ways in which Seth fails to define crucial terms and argues that the account as presented by Seth is philosophically confused and muddled to the point of being  not even false . Gipps is very incisive in his analysis and I would encourage readers to read his post in detail. He particularly zeroes in what is ambiguous and murky in Seth’s descriptions and shows how this murkiness leads to philosophical problems.   When I read Seth’s   book last year, I enjoyed it considerably, and found it intelligible in an intuitive way that Gipps apparently does not. While I have