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Common Conceptual Mistakes in Psychiatry & Psychology

Some common conceptual mistakes in psychiatry and psychology, in my opinion: 1. Thinking that scientific explanations must necessarily reside at a certain level of explanation [good scientific explanations are not constrained by reductionism or holism] 2. Thinking that the mental/psychological and the physical/biological are mutually exclusive [we need to avoid false binaries between mind and body] 3. Thinking of the mind in terms of entities and "mental stuff" rather than dynamic interactions and regulatory processes 4. Thinking that we can infer the nature of specific phenomena from definitions of disease concepts [ we cannot ] 5. Thinking that if a phenomenon exists on a continuum, we can't/shouldn't categorize it [we can categorize based on our pragmatic goals] 6. Thinking that if a phenomenon exists naturally on a spectrum, there cannot be qualitative differences between two ends of the spectrum [quantity becomes quality] 7. Thinking that meaningful scientific pr

Types of Psychiatry Papers (xkcd spin off)

xkcd recently made a comic about types of scientific papers, which went viral on social media. Inspired by it, here's a spin off that I made about types of psychiatric papers; I shared it on twitter and facebook earlier with quite an enthusiastic reception!