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I am too pure for you or anyone. Your body Hurts me as the world hurts God. Sylvia Plath


"Do you want to hear my latest insights on the varieties of religious illusion?" "I always want to hear your insights." "Romantic infatuation can be a form of religious delusion, too." "Sweetie," she says softly, "anyone who's watched you with your women has known that for years." "Ah." Rebecca Newberger Goldstein , 36 Arguments for the Existence of God


"Whatever happened, happened because it could have happened no other way."

The Case for Abortion

The majority of the debates on abortion boil down to a single fundamental question: Is fetus a human being? Is fetus a person? The notion of fetus as an “innocent human being” has been trumpeted so much by pro-life activists that for a layman it almost sounds axiomatic, but the fact is that it is far from being so obvious. A question even more fundamentally linked to the philosophical debate, but seldom raised explicitly is: Does fetus have a soul? Now, soul is a religious concept, and as such, has no scientific validity. All scientific research points to the fact that the concept of ‘soul’ as defined by religion is false and redundant. The closest approximate to soul which science offers is Consciousness, which is not really what the religious notion of soul entails. For most religious people, the definition of a ‘person’ or a ‘human being’ is based on the question of whether the body possesses a soul or not. Some would say that even a zygote (fertilized ovum) possesses a soul and s

A Baby

A baby is God's opinion that suffering should go on. [Spin on Carl Sandburg ]