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More on Infatuation

The beginning of an infatuation is something that strikes you. At first you don't even know what it is that attracts you -- something in her face? Something in the way she smiles? You try to conjecture, to explain this mysterious emergence of attraction, but you remain uncertain. All you know is that you are in the clutches of a crush, and that you are helpless against it. Now, if it is a mild case, you'll wait for the storm to blow over. But if it is a severe case, you'll probably do something stupid. :)


The Russells will always have more fame and glory than the Wittgensteins.


It is often said that the best things in life are free, but in a sense, nothing is free. Every thing costs something. Friends require time and money. Even for appreciating something as simple as rainfall, you need to have time... an expensive and rare commodity these days.

The Existentialist Couple

The Existentialist Couple: Sartre and Beauvoir written by M. Awais Aftab It is interesting to know that Jean-Paul Sartre, the famous existentialist philosopher and political activist, failed in his first attempt at his agrégation , a form of exit exam which qualifies a person for a teaching post, in 1928. Failing this was a blow to the young Sartre, especially because he considered himself to be the brightest mind of Ecole Normale Supérieure. But fate has its strange ways, and this failure proved to be of monumental importance in Sartre’s life—it gave him a chance to meet Simone de Beauvoir. Their intimate and enigmatic relationship would later produce a whole cultural and philosophical revolution. Beauvoir began to study for her aggregation in 1929, and her boyfriend René Maheu introduced her to a study group, of which Sartre was also a part. The two, recognizing in each other their intellectual match, were instantly attracted. Beauvoir was a beautiful, intelligent woman

One Answer

To all great philosophical questions, there is only one honest answer, "I do not know."

Why do we live?

Why do we live? We live because we are in the habit of living. There is no other reason.


You know that you are infatuated with someone when her[1] absence is more conspicuous than the presence of other people. And in every social gathering, your eyes lift and wander, expecting to see that face. The odds of statistical improbability stare at you, but you refuse to acknowledge them... and you hope that maybe, just maybe she'd be present there, and through a miraculous quirk of fate, you'll be able to meet her. It never happens, though. Maybe that's what infatuation is all about: a seductive denial of reality. [1] Since i am talking from my point of view, allow me the use of feminine gender.

Love Returned

"Let no one who loves be unhappy, even love unreturned has its rainbow." James M. Barrie Let's construct a parallal statement: " Let no one who loves be happy, even love returned has its thunder and thorns. " :)

Rainy Season

In the rainy season, romance pops up like mushrooms.

Wittgensteinian Romance

X: Tell me you love me, dear. Y: My love, what can be shown , cannot be said !


Has anyone thought that there is a distinction between what you really believe and what you think you believe/want to believe? I have come to appreciate this distinction only recently.

Prophet of Doom

Nobody welcomes a prophet of doom...

A Subtle Murder

Have you wondered how the society around us is trying to commit a subtle murder: an attempt to kill the person we really are. Through a sophisticated game of reward and punishment, it moulds our character, forces us to change ourselves, to become something which we are not... we are biological cells amidst radiation, which is mutating every single one of us into a monster.