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Filmi Style Confession

'Haan, yeh sahi hai ke main tum se piyar kerta hoon, magar yeh bhi sun lo ke agar meray bas me hota to main tum se kabhi piyar na kerta!!!' [Translation: 'Yes, it is true that i love you, but listen! If it were in my power, i'd never have loved you!!!'] Hehehe. Not bad, not bad. I should try writing scripts for romantic films. ;)

Sterner Stuff

Sigh. Life is going too fast for me. My gentle, fragile soul is being eroded away by the fast currents of time. I long for a calmness which i do not find... and what is more ironic [and sad] is that it is I myself who keeps on increasing the load and burden on me. Ambition should be made of sterner stuff... i am too soft. :)


The kind of beauty which attracts me is not the bold, flagrant type... the super-model class beauty... i feel as if such a beauty also sends a 'Danger! Stay Away!' signal. The beauty which appeals to me is more of soft, gentle type... it is not the stunning, Hollywood appearance, but it has a certain grace which makes it aesthetically pleasant. The classification is not so strict... some girls are on the borderline, alternating between these two kinds. [I would have loved to give some examples from the girls around me, but of course, that would have been highly inappropriate! :)]

Unilateral Love

"If I love you, what does that matter to you!" Johann Wolfgang von Goethe This is a very violent form of unilateral love, and I can understand it because I once, temporarily fortunately, experienced this. :) This is a type of love which is irrespective of the response of the lover... but it would be more appropriate to say that it is mostly stimulated by a lack of response of love. But since the lover is reluctant to let go of the feeling of love, he/she retains this emotion without expecting or desiring any reciprocity. A love which has no desire to be reciprocated seems a bit unnatural to me, almost inhuman perhaps... it's like loving a statue or a painting. Suppose someone says to you, "I'll love you no matter what you do! I'll love you even if you hate me!"... What can you do with such a stubborn lover? Uhh... gives me the shivers!


In the beginning, there was Chaos....

If you were a gadget...

My friend Saad asked me yesterday, "If you were a gadget, what would you have been?" My answer was, "A pocket radio. You can tune in whenever you want. You can keep me close. Listen to all kinds of talk: from commonplace to reflective. I can be irritating but also soothing."

Song Dedication

A song dedication is like a trap, a snare, which a lover sets for his/her beloved. Whenever they will hear that song again in life, they will think of each other. Its a virtual bond. The love may die, but this fragile link of memory will endure as long as the song will continue to be played.