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Aimless Traveller

Often it happens that the traveller sets out to discover the ultimate reality, the stable truth that holds sway over the transient flux of existence... and he travels, and journeys to distant exotic lands, and after much toil it is revealed to him that truth does not exist, and if it does exist, it is beyond the grasp of mortal souls... but this discovery is not the end of the journey, for by then, travel has become an addiction, a habit for the traveller... and though disillusioned and hopeless about truth, he still carries on his journey, moving around here and there without a purpose... in full consciousness of its absurdity. Atleast, this is what happened to me. :)

A Love Unfulfilled

She said to him, "Forget me for i will never be your's." And he said, "That's precisely why i can't; a love unfulfilled aches forever in the heart."


Ah, life, ending every second, ticking away like a time bomb, waiting to explode any minute...

On The Cross

My poem published in Us Magazine today: On The Cross By Muhammad Awais Aftab Ah, the insensitive world around me So hostile to love So envious of lovers The bird of love Flaps around in the cage Trapped, since ages For ages But like a prophet on the cross Its death will give life to millions How many would they cage? How many would they kill? And love would live on. []