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Autumn wins you best by this its mute appeal to sympathy for its decay. Robert Browning Ah, i think would compare Autumn with a lovely girl with auburn hair, a sad countenance, lips silent, and an imploring look in her eyes. Indeed, it would win my sympathy.

Zeus and Eros

And Zeus said to Eros: "For every love will there be hatred. For every meeting of lovers will there be a separation. For every union will a seed of discontent be sown. Love there will be, but not in two, but in three, so that a failure is born out of every success, and the balance remains." [P.S. The dialogue is fictitious and i made it up. It is not a part of Greek mythology.]


I think that when a girl becomes overly conscious of her beauty, and the fact that it can be used to manipulate [most] men, she loses that sense of a true, sincere love. It just becomes a game of physical attraction for her. Very rarely that sense can reawakened, but only when she realises that someone might be interested in her not because of her beauty but because of her character. It is not very common, because such girls tend to have a flirtish character; not an attraction for most character-seeking men.

Which animal are you?

Although i am a Leo, i don't feel like a Lion. So i asked my friend Saad, 'which animal do you think I am?', and he answered: "I think you are not an animal. You are a plant, a fragrant herb i guess, rosemarry or thyme." Then he had some second thoughts. "Probably you are a deer...or a stag..." Me: "what are the qualities associated with them?" Saad: "They are difficult to domesticate...but still very friendly and docile i guess." I suppose that does fit in with my character. :)

Love and Compromise

Discussions about compromise and love would make more sense if we keep in mind the distinction between "what is" and "what should be"... the 'reality' and 'utopia'. Compromise is the reality, love is a utopia. I personally am not a fan of 'compromise' in relationships... i believe relationships should generally be driven by a state of natural affection, and not be a state of self-imposed compromise... but it is also true compromise is one of the most prevalent reasons behind sustained relationships [esp husband-wife] in our society. Without compromise, social relationships would undergo great disintergration. I don't know if that would be a good or bad thing... West has undergone this denial of 'compromise' and the institution of marriage has weakened enormously. "Love", i believe, is one of the most ambiguous words used in such discussions, primarily owing to a lack of definition. Psychologists follow the inclusive appr