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The Most Important Thing in a Relationship

I conducted a survey among my friends and family, asking them the question “Name one thing that matters the most to you in a relationship.” And the answers showed a great degree of similarity. This question was asked to a total of 18 people. Out of these eighteen, 8 people answered ‘Trust’ as the most important thing [44.4%]. And 5 people said ‘Sincerity’ [27.8%]The rest were individual answers: Asad…………...Straightforwardness Nabeel…………Two people having the same maturity level Hamza………….Loyalty/Faithfulness Uzair……………Respect Muneeb……….Understanding and Patience Most people would believe that ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Trust’ are more or less the same thing, or manifestations of the same feeling. Strictly speaking, I do not agree, but I do admit that they are linked. Sincerity refers to ‘genuine feelings’ and Trust refers to ‘state of reliability’. However, considering their proximity, it would not be unwise to consider them as the same entry. Given this view, the combined ‘Sincerity’ and ‘Trust’

On Aesthetics

I suppose every person with a good taste is appealed by beauty... be it the sublime beauty of a sun-set, the abstract images of art, the cold austere beauty of mathematics, the breath-taking brilliance of a starry sky, the acoustic appeal of a symphony, and perhaps the most well-appreciated, the charming face of a beautiful girl. The debate remains... is beauty essentially subjective or objective? Perhaps if it is objective, like the rules of mathematics, and can only be recognized through dedication and focus. To a certain extent, appreciating beauty requires the building of taste. But standards of beauty are also universal, ignoring minor deviations. Most of the people are attracted by symmetrical forms and faces... symmtery was essential to Greek aesthetics, and was of such importance that they refused to consider the celestial orbits of any shape other than the circle, because it is the most symmetrical geometrical figure. I became aware of the connection of biological ev


I read ' Disgrace ' by J.M.Coetzee last night, the winner of 1999 Booker Prize. I won't say it as good as to recommend it for reading. It was plain and painful... little consolation in it, revealing the disgraceful state of man. There was a professor in it who got involved in an affair with his student, and he was forced to resign when the affair reached the authorities. And later during the novel he and his daughter are discussing abt it, and the daughter asks him why he did it. And he tells the story of a dog his neighbours had. Whenever a bitch came roaming in the area, the dog would get high and excited and his owner used to beat him with Pavlovian regularity in such cases, and eventually it happened that at the smell of a bitch, that dog would wimper and try to hide in the garden, his tail between his legs... he had begun to hate his own nature, his own impulses. Maybe it'd have been better to kill him them. Of course, i am just describing what was written in