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There are certain moments which are filled with magic and whose charm time fails to erase. They keep themselves alive not by being mummified in the memory, but by continually rejuvenating their youth; by emerging again like a phoenix from the lifeless ash. It was such an evening of rebirth. Every person at one time or another has experienced the anesthesia of roaming aimlessly. The mind is robbed of its cognizance and becomes almost like a tabula rasa , an empty slate, in which stale and fresh thoughts are being written and erased in a constant state of flux. Being jostled here and there, you merge with the crowd and lose your identity, and the world appears to portray Hegel’s unified reality. Such was my condition when I was dragged back to my own self…there she was, the same long, black hair with a prominent tinge of auburn, the same slim physique, the very graceful gait. And although I was some steps away, I felt as if my nostrils could detect the same nuance of perfume which had so


Wonder I grieve not that we parted I had foreseen it was destined But i do wonder What you think of me When you recall those lost, wandering moments Who was i to you In the turbulent sea of your existence? When you gaze back at the your eventful life What do you see of me? Was i a lover? A friend? A time well-spent? Or perhaps a constant nuisance? Was i just a dream? A mere whisper fading out of reality? Or maybe you have done your best To purge your thoughts of my shadow Condemning them to the timeless oblivion And perchance, you have forgotten That i even exist? I do not grieve Tears do not sojourn in my eyes But i do wonder I surely do wonder... Muhammad Awais Aftab