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Determinism and Free Will

The issue of free will has occupied my thought for quite some time, and the answer seems to shrouded in a number of different layers of concepts and issues, which makes it an ardous task. Are humans free? Or are we a part of a grand design, and our free will is an illusion? I do not suppose that i have found the ultimate answer to this question, so i'll just talk a little about it, examining the matter from different angles.There are, i think, three major theories of determinism: Religious determinism, Physical determinism, and Psychological determinism. Religious determinism believes in an omnipotent, omniscient God, who knows everything that has happened in the past, or will happen in the future. The immediate question raised is that if God knows everything is going to happen, how can we have a say of our own in deciding it. Well, to my mind, it is not a valid objection because "knowing" is not the same as "deciding". God may know that i'll have a sa


Human life appears to be a collage of contradictions. At times, it seems so petty and so insignificant, like a bug roaming in a vast tropical jungle. And at others, it is almost god-like, as if the universe was made just to serve our purpose. Sometimes, fate conspires in such arcane manners to help that we are astounded, and sometimes we seem to be trapped in a whirlpool of problems, with the waves piling up exponentially. Life teems with coincidences, coincidences that are organized in such a pattern that they appear to be the work of a higher consciousness. A person's whole life can change just because of one coincidence; one moment can determine the rest of your future. And every so often it occurs as if our very life was designed for that moment; our whole journey was meant for that instant. The sensation is almost mystical, inspiring, and in someway, also a little fear-producing; because if our very life is for that point of time, that negligible tick of clock will determine


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