"Death is such a monumental breakage in our logical understanding of the world that it fractures our language, our behavior — it excuses, in its way, almost anything. To touch a relative stranger’s beard suddenly seems perfectly reasonable — a weirdly urgent affirmation of life."

Sam Anderson, writing for NYT New Sentences


Anonymous said…
But death is also the sole liberating thought. If you delve deep into it, you'll encounter the void. There's a good logical explanation of the void. It is the existence of the absence of existence. Now think about that. Can nonexistence exist? If it exists then is not non existence. If it does not exist then it is nonexistence. So nonexistence can only exist if it does not exist. This is a classic circularity and also the best possible verbal definition of the concept of Zero. The Sanskrit for that was 'sunya.' And the symbol was roughly circular.
And in the teachings of Bodhidharma: No dead man can ever die!
Nameless said…
So thankless!