Every period of self-growth in my life has been accompanied by acquisition of a new (set of) vocabulary of self-identification... words to describe who I am, signposts to navigate the psychological landscape. Without the right qualifiers, important elements of identity remain a mysterious vague feeling, a nagging discomfort without validation, a muted voice. There is no liberation without the right words.


S said…
Words can also become a prison - the incantation which you must chant, the prayer you must utter every time you see the blur closing in.
Sometimes, it's better to let that vague feeling close in and tighten around you; sometimes, the nameless signposts in that unknown realm reveals many secrets of identity. And one comes up with the wordless wonder and joy and strength with which to create new words.
Let the words be ornaments wrought of over-abundance, not life-bags for the precautions.