actually constantly ending

“In the hazy light of forest fire smoke, I looked across at the refineries and thought that the world was actually constantly ending.”

Mount Eerie, Forest Fire

Nitsuh Abebe elaborates on this in NYT Magazine feature New Sentences:

"In this sentence, looking through the haze of a nearby forest fire, that entire push and pull is condensed into two very ordinary adverbs, set back to back in a way adverbs seldom are outside incredulous rants. For a moment, the world seems to be actually ending — as in, not for him, but for a whole planet, burning and collapsing around him. And it seems to be constantly ending. That notion feels, for a moment, surreal: You imagine a world that wakes up each morning and slogs back to work on its final catastrophe, always on fire but somehow never done burning. It is constantly ending but never actually ends."