Monotheism and Dualism

Ember: Gosh, I cannot possibly think of infatuation as love. Too much like a drug. An obsession. A destructive force. And I can't view love as something that dissipates without rational reason. Love should be stable. Lead to happiness. And not make you feel as if you are going to crawl out of your skin secondary to inability to think of anything else. I cannot imagine love being so fleeting or unsettling... But I guess it's all just semantics.

Me: An analogy just came to my mind. So, you know, there are monotheistic religions - with all powerful, essentially good God (like Christianity) - and there are dualistic religions - in which they are good as well as evil divine forces (like Manichaeism). Believers who are monotheistic at heart cannot conceive of divinity as anything but good. It is not merely semantics for them: evil may exist in the form of Satan or devil, but it is not divine. Those who are dualistic, on the other hand, see no problem in ascribing evil to divine forces. Perhaps an imperfect analogy, but you can consider me a dualist of sorts when it comes to the religion of love. Our hearts and minds feel what they feel. Feelings of all sorts exist on a wide spectrum, with all kinds of stability and durability and goodness and pain. Love can kind and gracious and perfect, but it can also be malicious and hurtful and flawed. It is as much a healing force as it is a destructive force.

Ember: Interesting. Both the analogy and the logical conclusion of destructive love. It's a Pandora's box, though: the wife-beater, who loves her, but just can't help himself. The wife loves him despite it. Are these destructive concepts love? Or love mixed in with personality flaws? I think the fear of the notion of love being sullied contributes to my monotheistic view, if you will.