Bad Poetry

I have written a lot of bad poetry over the years; I still do. The blog is a witness to that.
Although I recognize the poems to be of relatively low literary value... they have been and are of therapeutic value for me. One may ask... why not keep them private then? I feel there is something emotionally different about a poem that is kept private (for instance, in a diary) versus a poem that is made public. Perhaps it has something with allowing the world to see one's vulnerability. The poems do not serve the same function for me if they are not shared. (Possibly, in some sense, this applies to my blogging in general as well.)
I also feel an obligation to myself to become the best poet I have the potential to be. Even if at best I am still a shitty poet, it doesn't matter, because to aspire for the perfection of this art form holds some intrinsic value.
So, I continue, not out of narcissism or some mistaken belief in my literary prowess. I persist because I crave a poetic expression to my sentiments, and that is justification enough for me.