Thoughts on this Blog

Continuing with the theme of introspection into my motivations, I feel it is important to clarify what this blog is about and what are my motivations for resuming blogging.

At times in the past I have tried to sell the blog as offering something to the readers; the effort was perhaps misplaced. It would be a mistake for me to pretend as if the blog offers material of great philosophical, literary or artistic merit to the reader; I don't think it does. I am no Marcus Aurelius and these are no Meditations. Even in cases where philosophical and literary musings are dished out, that has not been the primary point. I think the blog has always primarily been an avenue for me to process my own thoughts and emotions, to share things of beauty and art that have an influence on me, and to preserve a record of my intellectual development. I started this blog at a point in my life when I was lost and alone, desperately in need of a voice, and I return to it again for solace in a time of confusion. I hope to rediscover myself through resuming a dialogue with the self.

There is something worthwhile about engaging in this sort of personal writing without seeking any financial or professional gains. In the past I have sought fame, but at this point I am not even concerned with amassing a following. Trying to actively promote the blog now feels like sacrilege... I have nothing to offer but the mediocre workings of my own mind. The fact that some people may find it worthwhile to follow is a pleasant surprise, and one I'm glad for.


WritingsForLife said…
Glad you are writing - we are reading :-)