We are programmed creatures, and while it is absurd to follow the inbuilt algorithms, it is equally meaningless to rebel.


Anonymous said…
There is a kind of consolation in determinism; it relieves us of the terrible responsibility of being free agents in an absurd world.
Faraz Zafar said…
Might it be Awais, thats your own dread of existential freedom giving way to sophisticated avoidance, made all the more palpable by a generous helping of rationalization.
AshHeels said…
We are certainly programmed beings;
and insofar as we are programmed beings in a programmed universe
we are deterministically modeled.

But that determinism rests on the axon's edge of chaos;
our programming feeds back onto itself, reflexively
and by taking on new experiences, we discover the extents of our programming
and even activate new subroutines or rewrite old ones.

We are not simple procedural programs,
saying "Hello World".
We are the programs which engage the world
and through that engagement change
reflexively and extensively.
Edwardtbabinski said…
In a sense we are each the Big Bang still echoing throughout time.

And whatever impels us is everything that is both inside and outside of us. There is no standing on a platform outside the universe in order to snipe at it. We are both the determined and the determiners due to endless feedback loops, even strange loops.

Of course gaining more knowledge about the universe, and about one's self and those around one, opens up additional possibilities for more complex channels of feedback. Therefore take in all you can, both individually and as a species, so we can make the most "well-informed decisions." Those are far more important than making "libertarian free will" decisions, since the latter are more akin to nonsense, like spinning a wheel of fortune.