Kobayashi Maru

I have come to the realization that the central theme of most of my dreams is failure in the face of an over-whelming obstacle. In various scenarios and manners,in one dream after another, I am trapped without escape, fleeing only to be caught, or struggling with a task in vain.

To what end? I do not know.


Anonymous said…
Such dreams, a degree less frightening than nightmaers,are called anxiety dreams. The literature on them is immense and explanations of their cause are many. The commonest explanations are that they are either the result of childhood trauma, or, in adulthood, the result of dealing with conflict. Some say they are rare examples of dreams which continue a line of thought you were engaged in just as you fell asleep.
Sania Tahir said…
So relate-able.
and the title!
Jenny Fulton said…
Well, we all have our ups and downs.

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