Life has tamed us

In conversation with a friend

Me: With passing years I am realizing I'm making peace with life's absurdity. I don't fight or struggle with it philosophically like before. Nor am I plagued with existential anguish as a result. It's a resignation of sorts, or perhaps an exhaustion. I realize my life will probably never amount to much in a historically significant way, but I live on, often happy and satisfied. The thought would've been excruciating for the adolescent me.... Life has tamed us.
Z: Like so many before us.


Anonymous said…
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Song of Life said…
(Life has tamed you) Not only that, but this taming is a continuous process. So what lies ahead (old age) is the epitome of our tamed selves. Older generation may appear to be rather rude or rash or preachy but I believe they are tamed creatures by and large (ignoring the exceptions).
I am unsure whether life is absurd or simply weird and mysterious. A cosmos that can come up with living things and eventually with large brained mammals with language and such a wide variety of reality tunnels is an odd cosmos indeed. As J.B.S. Haldane put it, "The cosmos may be weirder/odder than we CAN conceive."