#TS491 prompts: twitter, aftermath, seduction

They found they could love each other only in bits and pieces, in a romance open to public gaze, all-satisfying but never-enough. #TS491

#TS492 prompts: fear, fly, farewell

The apprehension buzzed in the air like flies over a carcass, rendering their first date too gross for a parting kiss. #TS492

#TS493 prompts: fortress, fiery, rendition

A fortressed city can still burn up from inside; the recurring drama of human pride and folly seeks a charred rendition. #TS493

#TS500 prompts: chuffed, half life, South Pole

"I chuffed away half my life trying to find the elusive poles of her existence, only to realize that the axis passed through me." #TS500