#TS319 Prompts: Tango, Tangle, Tangerine.

The tango ended up in a tangle as they fell down laughing... the warm proximity was forever colored in his mind by her tangerine lips #TS319

#TS320 Prompts: Death, Drape, Desire.

She draped her death-wish with just enough vivacity that, like a hint of cleavage, it even distracted her therapist. #TS320

#TS338 Prompts: Skin, DVD, Eve.

Undressed, Eve was all skin & bones, with disc-like breasts. "You must eat something!" He was aghast. "Let me start with the apple." #TS338

#TS344 Prompts: Purgatory, Darvesh, Shooting-star.

"This kiss will earn you a year in purgatory, darvesh." "I'm past care, light of my life; may this passion burn me like a meteorite." #TS344

#TS358 Prompts: Cheek, Check, Charm.

"Woah, slow down, lover boy. Keep your cheek in check, will ya? Bad boys don't charm me. Not anymore, at least." #TS358

(Found, almost forgotten, in the Drafts folder.)