A Crude Feminism

Males who have suffered psychological and social oppression at the hands of females (it does happen) are unlikely to be able to relate to a crude version of feminism which generalizes men as tyrants and women as victims. The oppression that is (and ought to be) the focus of feminism is the oppression of social systems, in which both men and women play their part. Women are no less perpetrators of misogyny and men also suffer (though less frequently) from asymmetrical gender roles. This is not to downplay the men-on-women violence that exists, but a reminder that this is not all there is to it.


Malang said…
Thank you for putting this out there. Although, I doubt you'll find much of a receptive audience to it. Nevertheless, Thank You.
sweating through fog said…
Far from the fact, feminism is not so black and white, plausible for a gender to understand and therefore dictate?