Guilt Before We Act

The following conversation from the film Liberal Arts may be considered a spoiler by some.

"It doesn't bother me."
"Well, it bothers me."
"Well, it shouldn't. Age is a stupid thing to obsess over. What if reincarnation is real, huh? Think about that, What if I am like thousands of years older than you?"
"Okay, that's not really a sound argument."
"Why not?"
"Because it's like saying what if reality is all an illusion, then there are no consequences to anything, we're completely off the hook... and I believe in consequences."
"No, you believe in guilt."
"Maybe, but guilt before we act is called morality." 

Liberal Arts


Anonymous said…
Very interesting movie.
Saw it after reading your post :)
Renata said…
I loved the whole movie, a lot. But yeah, this scene - these particular words - caught my special attention somehow. A truth which I kind of have never thought of in this way.