'The Thinker'

Aati: In your own quiet, understated way, you're brilliant not just in philosophy and science, which is the niche where people like to conveniently stash you, maybe because there are so few others they can stick with those labels, but also as an observer, as a humorist, as a poet. People like to reduce you to a mind, if you understand what I'm saying, because your mind baffles them the most and because your mind they can easily distance themselves from fully understanding. But you're not just a thinker, and your feelings are brilliant and lucid, and so people like to pretend they haven't seen them perhaps, and underplay them because they have feelings too and because feelings make them your equal and you theirs and feelings bring you too close for them to pass off their lack of understanding as merely natural. And sometimes I get the feeling you go right along with them too, like a boat carried by the tide.

'The Thinker' is your stereotype, it is your niche and all yours; people fawn over you for it, and when they have to describe you, they use it as a convenient shorthand to get out actually describing a human being, because that is difficult. And I think you've experienced this so long and so pervasively/from every person in your life, that you just go along with it, because hey it does speak to a very vital part of your core, right, even if not all of it? You accept it, resigned in a way, and you give them more of what you want and in return they see more of what they want to see, and so you have an image. An image, like a hologram, not entirely fake because of the photons and atoms that make it up, but not entirely true either because it as image but its object is not there, except in the eyes and minds of its beholders. You're a brain. And a heart, a secret heart.