#TS298 Prompts: Axis, Deixis, Catalexis.

He aligned his focus so much towards context that he ignored the rhythm of his life. The poet within him was buried without a funeral #TS298

#TS300 Prompts: Guns & Roses, Brigadier, Happy endings.

She whispered as he caressed, "You soldier on in love, but you cannot reign. It's hard to hold a candle, in the cold November rain." #TS300

#TS302 Prompts: any three words beginning with "dis-"

He dissected his disquietude in the hope of dispelling it, but his discomposure only deepened and disarmed his sanity. #TS302

#TS303 Prompts: Man, Manhattan, Manet.

The impressionistic sketch of Manhattan skyline struck him as symbolic of modern human condition & he broke into uncontrollable sobs #TS303

#TS304 Prompts: Story, Storey, Storyteller.

He climbed a storey for every novel he had written and looked down. 'One day I'll reach the roof and jump,' he thought and smiled. #TS304

#TS305 Prompts: Smoke, Mirror, Addiction.

His keen, addicted gaze lingered on as she fixed her smokey eyes in the mirror & he sighed at the Vettriano turn his life had taken #TS305

#TS313 Prompts: Trollop, Codswallop, Jackson Pollock. 

She disrobed, sending his timid, teenage mind into chaos. "What does it mean?" He asked b/w kisses. "Whatever you want it to, kiddo." #TS313