The Limits of Pornography

An excerpt from The Cruel Boredom Of Pornography by Robert Jensen. The whole article is worth reading.

"* Heterosexual men tend to consume pornography to achieve sexual satisfaction without the complications of dealing with a real woman.

* Pornographers deliver graphic sexually explicit material that does the job, but to do so they must continuously increase the cruelty and degradation to maintain profits.

Gonzo producers test the limits with new practices that eroticize men’s domination of women. Less intense forms of those sexual practices migrate into the tamer feature pornography, and from there in muted form into mainstream pop culture. Pornography gets more openly misogynist, and pop culture becomes more pornographic -- many Hollywood movies and cable TV shows today look much like soft-core pornography of a few decades ago, and the common objectification of women in advertising has become more overtly sexualized.

Where will all this lead? How far will pornographers go to ensure their profits, especially as the proliferation of free pornography on the internet adds a new competition? How much eroticized misogyny will the culture be willing to tolerate?

When I ask that question of pornography producers, most say they don’t know."


Sami Mughal said…
You say that, but I think there is also a sine wave factor to it... looking at the stuff from 80s which was highly sexualized to the return to innocence of the 90s. While the overall graph is always upwards, the sine wave effect has always prevailed too, and if you consider countries like Pakistan, where the 60s and 70s were all about freedom of expression followed by the strictly limited 80s and 90s.