#TS287 prompts: Eye, Love, Ewe.

He made sheep's eyes at her throughout the party, only to be pepper-sprayed when he asked her out. 'Psychopath,' she declared. #TS287

#TS288 Prompts: Dear, Deer, Derrière.

"Ahū chashm" He eulogized. She giggled. "Say something nice in Urdu abt my ass now." He wondered if the seduction may yet be salvaged #TS288

#TS289 Prompts: Text, Spies, Homicide.

Queen's spies intercepted the letter from the King's mistress; she perfumed it with poison and sealed it with a kiss. #TS289

#TS290 Prompts: Schadenfreude, airplanes, Paris Hilton.

'Boobs can only take you that far.' She gloated as the bimbo made a spectacular fool of herself. 'Crash & burn, baby, crash & burn.' #TS290

#TS291 Prompts: Pursuit, Conquest, Tiny purple fishes. 

'I will sift the seven seas to win your heart.' 'And I will run laughing through your fingers, like Clapton's tiny purple fishes.' #TS291

#TS292 Prompts: Coffin, Meteors, Cabotage.

"Look mom, in the sky!" "They are fallen angels sent to earth in burning coffins." "Why is it so beautiful then?" "Sin always is." #TS292

#TS293 Prompts: Retrograde, Riverdance, Remonstrance.

Rowing up the stony waterway was to risk death's reproach but river-dance was their ancestral wooing ritual, and he was a man in love #TS293


Sadia said…
These are wonderful. I meant to ask you what these were and where they were coming from, but finally figured out.

More please.