#TS279 prompts: Lubricious, Vulpine, Roué.

"I fancy a dominatrix." The old roué grinned. "I'll keep the handcuffs ready," the lubriciously dressed cop flashed a vulpine smile. #TS279

Prompts for #TS280: Wine, Women, Jealousy.

He thought the ménage à trois would only improve in flavor with time, like a Vintage wine, but jealousy turned everything sour #TS280

Prompts for #TS281 Crispy fried chicken, Epiphany, A venereal disease

At KFC she experienced an epiphanic vision of Jesus that changed her life forever; later it turned out to be a case of neurosyphilis #TS281

Prompts for #TS282: Vernacular, Spectacular, Furcular

The twins appeared to be licking their forks as if speaking to each other in a code language. "How spectacular!" mummy exclaimed. #TS282

Prompts for #TS284: Cyanide, Sun-eyed, Choke.

The kiss was bitter as cyanide. "Not ur sun-eyed girl any more." She disclosed with sugary frigidity & left him choking on the ground #TS284

Prompts for #TS285: Precocious, Prefix, Puerile.

The frenzied engagement of the precocious mathematician with the puerile fashionista was only the prefix to an insane marriage #TS285

Prompts for #TS286: Birds, Ruins, Angst.

The branch cracked. The nest toppled to the ground, smashing all the eggs, leaving the angst-ridden ornithologist with suicidal guilt #TS286