Prompts for #TS271: Rose, Episteme, Looking-glass.

'Episteme is the unseen in the looking-glass of history...' The lecturer continued on, even after the last student had risen and left #TS271

Prompts for #TS272: Piranhas, Senator Rehman Malik, Pie in the sky.

The newswoman expected a pie-in-the-sky rhetoric, but instead he lamented the state of his gaudy wardrobe, fishing for compliments. #TS272

Prompts for #TS273: Reverie, Alethia, Joker

His diary disclosed her docile-in-bed hubby as a sadomasochist in reverie. In cruel humor she buried him handcuffed, and with a whip. #TS273

Prompts for #TS274: Life isn't all ha ha hee hee, A Bollywood song, Delusion

'Zindagi na milay gee dobara!' He shrieked & the asylum inmates broke out in a Bollywood dance adaptation of Thus Spoke Zarathustra #TS274

Prompts for #TS275: Harmonic, Digression, Onomatopoeia

"Baby, I can't be sidetracked. This harmonic logarithm is important." He whizzed back to his math. "I want a divorce." She hissed. #TS275

Prompts for #TS277: Lure, Allure, Conjecture

Her mysterious allure drove his mind to much fancy. It was only after marriage that he discovered her to be a sphinx without a secret #TS277

Prompts for #TS278: Sly, Sleigh, Dynasty.

Slyly she escaped & sped away on the sledge. The infant king lay bundled up, oblivious to the burden of being the dynasty's sole heir #TS278