Prompts for #TS264: visceral, degradation, a conviction that roses are not really red.

In the ravaged waste of a world, botanists argued over whether roses were ever really red or was it just a visceral poetic myth. #TS264

Prompts for #TS265 Lamella, Chupacabra, Inamorata

Guilt & blood wrapped the sobbing girl like a membrane. The officer saw the dead body & sighed. 'Love makes monsters out of us all.' #TS265

Prompts for #TS266: truncate, benison, pugilist.

'Better to be violent, if there is violence in ur heart.' Pandit's blessing lulled the crisis that was to truncate his boxing career #TS266

Prompts for #TS267: phantasmagoria, Judas, travel.

the inn owner told tales of his travels, featuring the most phantasmagorical amorous intrigues, and the betrayal which broke his back #TS267
[the phrase 'the most phantasmagorical amorous intrigues' is from Aldous Huxley, Crome Yellow.]

Prompts for #TS268: adrift, connection, end.

She went to the sea like Thoreau went to the woods, and when she came to die, she found herself adrift  & alone, without having lived #TS268

Prompts for #TS269: peer, glitter, Hakuna Matata.

'Pursuit of Happiness' The maester peered at the parchment with glitterless eyes & threw it in the fire. "I am too old for this shit" #TS269

Prompts for #TS270: percussion, sky, embrace.

Divine love was too much to bear. The sky cracked and fell apart as God embraced the world; the percussion left everyone deaf & dead #TS270