#TS257 prompts: galactic, yak, tabernacle.

"I'll stay in ur arms in this tent for light years..." he yakked on, unaware that the galactic faux pas was the bane of his seduction #TS257

#TS258 prompts: curiosity, qawwali, bedlam.

"What does qawali sound like?" "An immersion into something ancient." "Would it cure the bedlam in my mind?" "It's music, not magic." #TS258

#TS259 prompts: horde, gourd, overlord.

As per tradition, the horde sought the dead overlord to carve out his manhood for the sacred gourd & discovered that he was a woman #TS259

#TS260 prompts: inchoate, concertina, never-never land.

Their inchoate relationship began with hopes of eternal youth & romance, but everything decays and love can fold up like a concertina #TS260

#TS261 prompts: crush, wine, blasphemy.

Dressed up as Jesus on Halloween he finally hit on her 'Can I get u a drink?' 'Only if u are better in bed than u are at blaspheming' #TS261

#TS262 prompts: Keyser Söze, kite-flying, eloquence.

"I suspect God is the Keyser Söze of religion" His kite drifted away,cut-loose, prompting an eloquent confession of his loss of faith #TS262

#TS263 prompts: craw, priorate, ka-boom.

Third time's the charm but as always the prior ka-boomed way too early for the nun's pleasure. It stuck in her craw as the last straw #TS263