Pak-India Social Media Mela

Pak-India Social Media Mela covered by me for Us magazine of The News:

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The cover story is available on the Us magazine website, and the epaper of The News (3 August 2012).

The story also had a section of 'Twitter Timeline' originally, containing a small selection of tweets from the #socmm12 hashtag, which could not be published in print due to lack of space, and which I am now posting on the blog:

Twitter Timeline

Sabeen Mahmud ‏@sabeen
@SenRehmanMalik Thank you from the PeaceNiche team for all your support. Your accessibility and graciousness made #socmm12 possible :)

Komal Ali ‏@Komalali92
#ThankyouRehmanMalik for supporting the #socmm12. Without your help, our Indian fellows wouldn't have been here.

Shiraz Hassan ‏@ShirazHassan
Some technical issues :( hope we'll able to connect with @dillidurast and Barkha Dutt via skype #socmm12

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef
Vankat talks stages of unemployment: social media enthusiast, social media consultant and finally, social media expert :P #socmm12

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef
Ali Gul Pir and Ali Aftab asked to dance to 'Wadeira ka beta' onstage!! HILAARIOUS!! #socmm12

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef
'My mother doesn't think I work' - Raheel, speaking about online activism #socmm12 #TrueStory

Pir Faraz Ali ‏@PiruSaein
Best part of #socmm12 was that... LUNCH WAS FOR FREEEE! #Mufta #FTW

Abdullah Syed ‏@abdullasyed
"the process of globalization has helped us revive our heritage."-@Razarumi on heritage beyond English. #socmm12

Abdullah Syed ‏@abdullasyed
Listening to the How @sanakazmi got to Mohali story! :D #socmm12

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef
Three panelists kind of discussing three different topics in the meme session. Pretty boring too #socmm12

Sanaa Jatoi ‏@sanaajatoi
Excited for the upcoming panel on The Maya Khan Takedown! This should be goooooddd #socmm12

Hamza Dhedhi ‏@HamzaDhedhi
Highlight: @faisalkapadia to @mehreenkasana "Speaking about sensationalism, Ghalib film dekhi hai aapne?" #Socmm12

Faizan Lakhani ‏@faizanlakhani
"Twitter is new TV Ticker," says Indian Journalist @karunajohn while discussing 'ethical reporting in a hyper-connected world.' #SOCMM12

Nukhbat Malik ‏@NukeMalik
#SOCMM12 @marvisirmed had it! :) "MQM sitting on my Left, PTIsitting on my Right and me wearing green...everything is political"

Salman Latif ‏@SalmanLateef
@beenasarwar tries not to let @DrAwab and @abidifactor initiate a rather political discussion during the session :P #socmm12

Abdullah Syed ‏@abdullasyed
Absolutely in love with the #socmm12 conference bag and the wonderful truck art inspired notebook.

Karuna John ‏@karunajohn
Qawwali by Farid Ayaz, Abbu Mohd and their group caped a day of brilliant conversations at the #Socmm12 perfectly

Marvi Sirmed ‏@marvisirmed
hahahaha RT @DrAwab Likewise - im making a T-Shirt - "I survived #SOCMM12 Dhobi Ghat"

Sundus Rasheed @SundusRasheed
Omg! My favorite film-makers speaking now! @IamOnir and @pseudorebel. Donon aik dum #SexyAndIKnowIt

Shahab Siddiqi ‏@UncleFu
Sanjay Rajoura is the bomb!! #socmm12

Ammara Khan ‏@ammarakh
Many sublime thoughts on social media at #socmm12 but the speakers represent an exclusive and aloof segment of society.

Sadya Sid ‏@maverika
Lord have mercy on Iqbal Bano's soul - the Laal brigade/Taimur Laal are butchering 'Hum Dekhaingay' #socmm12