Under A Glass Bell

My selection of some quotes from Under A Glass Bell by Anaïs Nin:

* ... an irrepressible smile such as rises sometimes to people's lips in the face of great catastrophes which are beyond their grasp, the smile which comes at times on certain women's faces while they are saying they regret the harm they have done.

* On her breast grew flowers of dust and no wind came from the earth to disturb them.

* She wanted to be where she could not see herself. She wanted to be where everything did not happen twice. She walked, following the deep caverns of diminishing light. She touched ice and was bruised.

* This fatigue I feel when I am not with you is so enormous that it is like what God must have felt at the beginning of the world, seeing all the world uncreated, formless, and calling to be created.

* ... a shipwreck of broken moods, lost fragments of irretrievable worlds.

* Everyone who is hurt takes a long voyage.
You travel as far as you can from the place of the hurt.
Sarah traveled far from gold hair to black hair as man of old traveled into virgin forests to heal a wound, as they traveled to foreign lands to forget a face.


Anonymous said…
Now I must read this.
And, though-provoking blog you got here.
Anonymous said…
*this book.
Ayesha Noor said…
Absolutely brilliant !
F. said…
Is this one of the books we bought together?
Malang said…
Seriously, you must read Cohen and Borges if you haven't already.