Moral Irony

It is one of the biggest ironies that morality itself has such unfairness in its roots.

Morality is unfair because the moral challenges that individuals face are not of equal difficulty and are without uniform chances of success. For example, the moral challenge that a paedophile faces is of much greater difficulty with a much greater chance of failure compared to others. 

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Khush Bakht said…
Exactly what I was talking to a friend about, the other day. It is so easy for me to be confident and not feel jealous, but it is extremely hard for me to be consistent. An optimist though, I now believe that on the WHOLE, we all face equal difficulties, different in situations as they might be.
Maybe the pedophile has better control over, say, drugs, compared to a depressed person with tendencies to seek refuge in them.
Khush Bakht said…
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