If free will leads to inevitable suffering, was it moral on God's part to allow us free will?


nuclearbattery said…
fascinating question.

is causing suffering necessarily immoral though, or is that an assumption?
madcowdisease said… we ACTUALLY have free will in first place?
karachikhatmal said…
Nuclearbattery beat me to it, but indeed - is causing suffering necessarily immoral? I suppose the answer for that needs to be qualified with assumptions of what God does and does not know.
Awais Aftab said…
Glad to see that the question is stimulating ruminations :)

Of course the question is riddled with assumptions.

No, suffering is not necessarily immoral. But here the question would arise: under what circumstances does suffering become morally justifiable? What would make the existence of free will morally justifiable in a world where men throw acid on women's faces, condemning them to a life of pain and misery?

I am not deriving any categorical conclusions... just sharing the questions that have been on my mind.
mysticservant said…
What exactly do you mean by 'free will'?

The reason suffering exists, on an Integral Yoga view, is because the world is still ignorant. The ignorance comes from the fact that the conscious potential within matter has not fully realized itself. Pain and suffering are just part of the Evolution, which is a process that has not reached its completion yet.