Revelation 2012, Corps et Ames

The Academy of Caesar and Chaumet presents the true revelations of 2012

bodies and souls

look at me
at this instance, naked, free of the body and spirit

in understanding all the (extraneous) stimuli, I submit only to my impressions
(because) I am truly free of body and soul
(being naked and not covered)

again a virgin

I return to the disorder

and the last wing falls (or the last paper will tell) that I will return to this dance

and I will help me by myself

I will dream rich dreams

I will free my emotions

I will no longer live in subtitles of others
but only with the fruits of my tongue

I will be complete
I will comprehend your suffering

I will also laugh and we'll see the light

I will embrace your craziness
your impossibilities

your inevitabilities, your inviolabilities.

there are so many uncertain roads, I may rest cold., abandoned

I believe I plunge

at this moment so free
of body and spirit



beautifully translated into English for this blog by Sharmeen A. Khan ©
(follow her on twitter at @sharmeenalikhan )

note: translation is more impression than verbatim. brackets are translator's additions.


Awais Aftab said…
the Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani appearing in this has been banned by Iran from coming back to the country.
kombizz said…