#TS56 prompts: An expecting mother, A giant float, Apocalypse

As Yahweh's slain body floated on primal waters, Samael announced to all "You bow to me now" & then to Lilith "Hun, let's make a baby"

#TS57 prompts: Serendipity. A Viral Phenomenon. A Stage

* Serendipity is when u find love in the Dengue ward— feverish & puking bt still so beautiful— & a year later u are on the wedding stage

#TS58 prompts: Nostalgia, Labyrinth, Purgatory

* She threw him in the labyrinth of her loveless rejection, hoping nostalgia wd purge him of his infidelity; he never found his way out

#TS59 prompts: A cruise ship, a malign intent, an analysand

* he boarded the ship to murder his adulterous wife trysting with his therapist: the unexpected threesome proved far more therapeutic

#TS60 prompts: apocrypha, metaphrastic, kat

* By divine humor all original apocrypha were lost and only a metaphrastic translation done in jest by a kat-addicted scholar survived

#TS61 prompts (courtesy #PTA): Hoes, Jhalla (crazy), Creamy

* He went all jhalla for the creamy hoe; the fun only lasted half a night: she tied him up & cleaned out his place 

#TS62 prompts: a roadtrip, a meddlesome spinster, an article of men's haberdashery.

* she survived spinsterhood spinning yarns to strangers of her licentious road-trips & of buttons she'd torn off men's shirts in haste