#TS36 prompts: a storm, a jazz band, and fake hair.

* She was a wig-fetishist caught in a storm; he was the bald one with a car. Call it kismet, call it love, call it all that jazz

#TS37 prompts: a palimpsest, witch-hunt, and hysteria

* the madressa student washed out his sketches of horny witch-hunts from the slate & set out to copy the verses with hysterical devotion [co-authored with Aati]

* Witchhunters found her skin tattooed wd layers of hysterically overwritten verses; she ws deemed not a witch, but was burned for heresy

#TS39 prompts: opera buffa, Alps, lozenge

* Alps trip gave her a bad cough; she took a lozenge & choked. She cud hv lived to tell that story wd a laugh, but life's no opera buffa

#TS40 prompts: Manga, footsteps, Scheherazade

* Emperor Shehrenzō the Killer marched in & eyed Shahrzād 'Let me tell you a story' she said. 'Can you draw manga?' 'No.' 'EXECUTIONER!"

* After 1001 nights, he broke up wd her "I hv my own stories to tell now" He stepped back n slammed the door on her surprised manga eyes 

#TS42 prompts: surrealist imagery, a religious holiday, a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown

* Everyday she had the same nightmare of being slaughtered by her AllahoAkbar-chanting-hubby. On Eid-al Adha she snapped & butchered him

#TS43 prompts: A fountain pen, a bolt of cloth, a samovar.

* She retreated to the Himalayas where she'd spend the winter penning love stories on a bolt of cloth, with a samovar to keep her warm

#TS44 prompts: November rain, a yellow Cadillac, the boy with the bubblegum gun

* Seasons flew & November came. In a yellow Cadillac v drove in rain. Wd bubblegum guns we playd a game. Bang bang, my baby shot me down

#TS45 prompts: Anaconda, Cleopatra, "I'm back baby!"

* Cleopatra preferred the asp's venomous bite to take her back to Antony; the venomless Anaconda wd hav been too dry, like Caesar's love

#TS46 prompts: a typo, a mermaid and Mummenschanz

* the falling of the mermaid's shell-bra was a typo in the mime play, but helped it earn a cult following among incognizant critics #TS46

#TS47 prompts: hookah; sacrifice; Wonder Woman.

* Batman sacrificed his silence & confessed to Wonder Woman: "I love you". She stared back at him: "What have you been smoking, Bruce?"

* The feudal's Yale-grad wife warmed her hukah & read out Wonder Woman comics to her eager children.Some sacrifices turn out well enough

#TS48 prompts: a homophone, a homophobe, a phonograph

* "God destroyed Homo erectus for their abominable sin of lusting after men" the Creationist polemicist announced in his latest podcast


What The What Is #TS?

"Conceived by novelist Musharraf Ali Farooqi, @microMAF, along with artist, writer and scholar Daisy Rockwell, @shreedaisy, (painting under the nom de guerre Lapata), the Twitter-based exercise challenges its participants each morning with a prompt of three concepts."