The Journey: A Recap 2005-2011

I have been blogging for about 6 years now. I was barely out of my teenage when I started A Myth in Creation and it has been one of the transformative experiences of my life. The blog does not simply depict my evolution of thought, but it also participated in the growth, allowing a means of expression, giving me the boldness to voice my thoughts, helping me engage in self-dialogue and blessing me with the company of like-minded souls in the blogosphere. It is no over-statement that my life would have been radically different had I not been a blogger.

As the 2nd Pakistan Blog Awards are going on these days and judges will be going through the contesting blogs, I suppose it's a good time to showcase some of the representative work that has been posted on this blog over the years. With this blog boasting over 1200 posts, it is not likely that a new visitor will be able to sift through the archives way back to its beginnings. This selection of posts will help you get a flavor of the evolution that I have undergone as a blogger and as a person. Here I may mention that A Myth in Creation was started in 2005 and hosted on TIG, and shifted to blogspot in 2007.


1) Life

2) Determinism and Free Will


1) The Effective Theory of Free Will

2) Music and Love: Similarity

3) Rebirth

4) Disgrace

5) Aimless Traveller

6) Fear, Confusion and Vegetableness

7) Russell and Hell

8) Misjudging people


1) Thinking Habits

2)  Unilateral Love

3) A Subtle Murder

4) The Existentialist Couple

5) Laree Chooti and Existentialism

6) Mr. Perfect

7) Annihilation

8) In Love?

9) Friendship and Romance

10) Visions

11) The Meaning of Life

12) Against Romantic Idealism

13) Harry Potter and Skepticism

14) Projecting Phantoms

15) A Return to Mythos

16) Malevolent Theism

17) Ashley... Awais


1) The Inner Self

2) The Risk of Love

3) Crazy Little Thing Called "Love"

4) Subjectivity in History

5) Text and Thought

6) My Absurd Years

7) Poetic Expressions

8) Apolausticism

9) The One Step

10) To Mere Fiction...

11) A Tale of Two Friends

12) Live

13) Newtonian vs Quantum

14) Apoptosis and Suicide

15) On Life


1) Freedom in Society

2) Walking Away

3) One Faltering Step

4) Damsel in Distress

5) Stereotypes

6) Robot

7) The Cocoon

8) The Inadequacy of The God Triad: Where Do I Stand?

9) My Life in Randomization

10) The Options

11) Wittgenstein's Paradox

12) Sex and Marriage

13) Secrets and Friends

14) The Future Uncertainty Principle

15) Psychedelic

16) A "Fresh" Classification of various philosophical positions on "Does the external world exist?"

17) The K-K Modification: On Nudity


3) Resignation: Can resignation be bad-faith?

5) Love: The Potential for Abuse: Love is not beyond morality.

6) Unfair

7) Truth: She stood there, offering me the Truth...

10) A Heart StifledA heart without intellect is a heart stifled.

13) Eternal Recurrence: An excerpt from When Nietzsche Wept

17) Perceptual Truth: Transcending Skepticism

18) A New Intellectual Journey: Discovering Mysticism...

19) Confessional Poetry, Private Language and Suicide

20) Interpreting Poetry


1) Why Be Moral?

2) The Euthyphro Dilemma

3) The Story of Evolution, Reason and Morality

4) The Price

5) Elopement

6) One

7) Philosophy

8) Illustrated Kisses from Sylvia Plath

9) Living with the Depressed

10) Wittgenstein's Dilemma

11) Iran Before The Chador

12) What I Think About The Burqa

13) Playboy, Burqa and Liberation

14) Hypothesis and Belief

15) Understanding Patriarchy and Honor

16) On The Other Side of the Wall: The Human Search for Meaning and Purpose

17) What Is Liberal Islam?

18) xkcd: How Islamic Sects Proliferate

19) A Pakistan that is yet to be Built

20) Nagel in God's Court

21) Jinnah ka Pakistan

22) Muslims

23) Celebrating World Philosophy Day

24) An Artist's Letter to His Beloved

25) Power Play

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