#TS33 prompts: The Apocalypse, an odd couple, a tea towel.

* At the World's end, God and Devil sit for a cup of *chai* and the tea towel is lifted in the celebration of a game well played

* The post-apocalyptic chaos theorists wd have no clue that it all began in the moment of a surreptitious kiss in a Victorian tea party 

#TS34 prompts: An animal celebrity, self flagellation and a flower.

* Tormented again by her sinful urges, the priestess-under-vow scattered petals at the feet of snake goddess and reached for her whip

#TS35 prompts: Soondhi (the earthen smell after the rain), doubt, a girl kicking and a Karachi bus

* The soondhi fragrance of that kicking screaming girl lurched the hijacker's heart, and he knew sans doubt that he had fallen hostage

* Dear Kicking-Girl. I doubt u remember me. But on my way to Karachi again, in this bus, the weather all soondhi, u r all I can remember

* A poem kicks my mind once more: it shall marry my doubts to your soondhi love, and set them off to their honeymoon in Karachi