Nihilism is Self-defeating

In my post Does Nihilism Dictate Death?, I had shown that for a nihilist, if nothing in life has value, the only way to affirm and live by such a philosophy is to die.

Komal commented on this: "But then the action of killing oneself should also be self-important, no?"

Which is a brilliant point!
The only way to affirm and live by nihilism is to die.
But a nihilist has no reason to affirm and live by nihilism either! Why practice nihilism, a nihilist may ask, what's the point? Even if it is the sole truth, why care, why bother? Why should nihilism have any value or worth, when nothing else does! This shows that nihilism does not dictate death, but perhaps this makes it the most self-defeating philosophy ever!


Alec Lindsay said…
But you can't defeat the self if neither victory or defeat mean anything.
Is nihilism the ultimate win win philosophy, and simultaneously the ultimate lose lose?
Rekhaa said…
Is nihilism self-defeating? Is a nihilist only to die? These are the musings of a non-nihilist sober intellectual with leisure concentrating on a nihilist's life and ideology. These might not be the wrong questions to ask but they appear to be futile questions nevertheless. Nihilism is not some 'Paris fashion' of readers' clubs where only a few nihilist intellectuals qualify to practice. It is so aimlessly alluring that anyone aimless in life can practice if he/she so wishes. The biggest threat from nihilism is always to all those individuals who do not practice it. When absorbed by common men on a large scale, this takes shape of a philosophy that points its stony fingers at chaos, devastation, rampage in the name of utter meaninglessness. You think people would ponder over questions of self and death, if nothing holds value as nihilism says, where moral = amoral = immoral? For the animal state of humanity that is, if many took to nihilism, they can bring about unimaginable crisis in the world owing to this purposelessness/senselessness. Like London riots, for example.
Komal said…
Exactly, lol. Awesome post. I love recursions, paradoxes and regresses. I love brain-hurty things in general :P.
Anonymous said…
The simplist answer to your query was given by Albert Camus ,
'' Should I kill myself or have a cup of coffee?''.
Because both are meaningless