He makes our fall a means for greater rise.

Sri Aurobindo, Savitri, Book I, Canto III


Rekhaa said…
Great quote Awais. I'd rather you called this post "Rise" than calling it Fall :)

Also, fall here is not something like, let's say, the dreary Christian sense of fall, one that of a sinner which I always felt was an unfair and debilitating tag stamped on humanity. In Sri Aurobindo's terms, the fall is simply a step backward from Truth taken in Ignorance, and rise is a step forwards towards Truth taken in Awareness. And since Sri Aurobindo reminded us all time and again that we are the Divine ourselves and that divinity is our true and perfect nature attaining which alone leaves us fulfilled and satisfied and complete, and divorcing us from our terrible foment of our mind and desire soul in life, it is a welcome relief that even our fall can always be a means of a greater rise in all our actions. A beautiful and positive message :)

Actually, the above was a Q.E.D of why you must call the post "Rise" :P
Rekhaa said…
Correction *by divorcing us*