Where Blood is Cheaper than Juice

In the cardiac surgery ward today, I was approached by the brother of a post-operative patient. The patient had to be given blood transfusions the previous day because of excessive blood loss. He asked me: "Doctor sahib, nurses nay kaha hay kay issay Neshlay (Nestle) ka juice playain. Woh tu bara mehnga aata hay, hamaray pass tu itnay paisay nahi hayn kay Neshlay ka juice laa sakain. Laikin hamaray pass banday hayn jo khoon denay ko tayar hayn. Aisa nahi ho sakta kay aap isay aur khoon laga dayn takay iss ki kamzoori door hojaye aur hamain issay juice na pilana paray." [Doctor, nurses have instructed us to give Nestle juice to the patient to drink. That is very expensive, we don't have enough money to buy it. We do, however, have people who are willing to donate blood. Is it not possible that you may give him another blood transfusion so that his strength is restored without us having to get him the juice?]

I was stunned for a moment, then I explained to him that we cannot transfuse the patient again because it is not required, and that it's not necessary he buys Nestle; whatever brand of juice he can afford to buy, he can get that.


gaya said…
:( Poor patients
Salman Latif said…
I almost shuddered while reading that.
True and tragic. Reflects our social circumstances quite accurately :(
Raajii said…
Oh dear lord, I dear lord! This is going to make me cry!
Bhai Chod said…
Suspension of one's own logic in front of a doctor. That is how much utter faith our people have for health professionals.

This is what worries me, the lack of responsibility that advertising has, it has all international advert shoots, budgets but without any of the ethics.

Expensive ≠ High Quality.

No Nestle can beat whole fruits or fresh juice and what is more the 'Western Civilization'(the supposed epitome of progress) is going back to ORGANIC foods. Which is growing food the natural way, the way we already do...and yet we yearn for their artificial growth procedures.

Your title is brilliant, in Pardes soft drinks and juice products are more expensive than water to purchase.

Go figure. What a world of topsy-turvy priorities we have made for ourselves.
Maryam A. said…
Uff. This is so heartbreaking.
Komal said…
Nestle juice isn't even that good. The best kind of juice is fresh fruit juice, which in Pakistan is fairly easily accessible and inexpensive.
Master Blogger said…
I felt so much pain when reading this but this is very passionate!

Zero Dramas
Anonymous said…
Man's ironic tale.

Where blood is cheaper than juice!

Mankind's ironic tale.

Where Knowledge is cheaper than Ignorance!
Where Joy is cheaper than Pleasure!
Where Happiness is cheaper than Suffering!
Where Love is cheaper than love!
Where Liberty is cheaper than Slavery!
Where Solitude is cheaper then Noise!

Who then is to blame for the world as it is? Our 'preference' to stay in the darkness of our imperfect nature which is opposed to Light, Knowlege, Clarity and Love which prefers to be that way: to stay trapped inside this dingy dark cave in a lazy, unchallenged comfort. It is this preference, such a preference, self-chosen but misguided preference which makes us what we are today: either as individuals, societies, nations or as the world we live in.

Every time we are shocked at something that we see outside ourselves, it is a good indicator that there is an equally shocking thing sheltered inside ourselves. The change always begins from within us. So, let's change by changing our preferences perhaps :)