Twitter has no past. Whatever you say, no matter how deep or original, soon it'll wash away with the timeline to become so remote as to be inaccessible: It is wind and dust. 

A blog, au contraire, has a memory.


Raajii said…
Well said, Sir :-)
Well that's a good quote. That's why its placed on blog so it might not become dust on twitter ;-)
The Me. said…
Never really liked twitter.
Bhai Chod said…
Sadly true. So many times I have written that which only seeds of inspiration could sow on twitter, only to have forgotten it.

But then it did make me ask myself whether I wrote it because I was compelled to write it (regardless of the forum or responses)?

Or did I want it to be seen, remembered & need it to echo into the future to add to my sense of purposeful achievements?

I think I oscillate between the two still :)
Anonymous said…
It always how much we leave behind on internet that people can trace easily. Hating facebook these days. Twittering I.could.never get..... Find solace in blogs like yours....keep writing good.
Rekhaa said…
Poignantly sad!

Again, the best of the reasons that tells us why not to be on Twitter have always had more depth and appeal to me than the best of the reasons that tells us why one should be on Twitter. It is good to be on the side of the former as it is not likely to harm or mislead any one from any progress worth the salt.
Rekhaa said…
Correction: *tell*