Does Nihilism Dictate Death?

Albert Camus asked the famous question "Does Absurd dictate Death?" and answered it in negative. His reasoning was that an individual confronted with the meaninglessness and absurdity of the world has a choice: He can either commit suicide, thereby affirming with his actions the lack of worth and value in life, and accepting the triumph of meaninglessness. Or he can choose to rebel against the Absurd, and choose to live a life of personal creative struggle, all the while in the consciousness of ultimate death. I believe Camus has a genuine reason for saying that Absurd does not dictate death, because it's a choice and one can choose to rebel.

A nihilist, however, would even go so far as to say that Camus's rebellion also has no value, has no meaning, has no worth and is ultimately futile. That this too is mere vanity amidst the "Vanity of vanities". If nothing in life has value, the only way to affirm and live by such a philosophy is to die. An out-and-out Nihilist has no reason whereby he can show that Nihilism does not dictate death.


Salman Latif said…
I'd say a nihilist, when he says that, has a strong case. Camus tries to dismiss the utter meaningless by conjuring a reason to counter it. But this, in itself, is meaningless to a nihilist.
Nihilist inevitably leads to death. But practically perhaps, given the natural instinct to try to survive and not die, it can lead to chaos since the least form of death a nihilist can wreck is on other things, restrained from thus by nothing whatsoever.
Komal said…
But then the action of killing oneself should also be self-important, no?

Not that I understand or care about nihilism. It's garbage :P.
Rekhaa said…
@ Komal

You are very right. To you its garbage, to me it's poison.

Nihilism is the worst of the philosophies I have come across. Such existential philosophies have their foundation in the psychology of 'fear' (and must never be followed). And how can a philosophical baby born of fear, an intellectual theory albeit 'trembling and weak and confused', provide any assurance/meaning even of the ultimate non-assurance/meaninglessness that it professes? It simply can't be. To introspect Nihilism (and other defeatist philosophies) may be good only to enjoy the mental calisthenics of comparison but even there, I think we end up absorbing some of its damned vibrations into our mind anyway. In any case, overall, I have not found Western philosophy deeply illuminating (in organizing personal life, I mean) and the reason could be that I had already absorbed Indian metaphysics which is completely founded upon the directly knowledge of Truth.

Fear reminds me of one thing. While I must have said that philosophies founded in psychology of fear must be avoided, it is ironical that our entire lives are founded in and driven by fear and yet we accept ourselves gladly without much resistance. Every action, thought, motivation and goal in an individual's life is defined and executed out of fear. One even 'loves' out of 'fear'. All attachment - that ordinarily connotes 'love' - is born of a strong fear. True individuation has its foundation in Love and not Fear and such an individuation promotes a life full of meaning and harmonizing unity too.
Komal said…

You're alive!

Just checking :P.
Rekhaa said…
@ Komal

Komsy, my sweet. I am very much alive and I have just returned from my astral tour of seven worlds and it is great to be back on Earth - home, sweet home! :D Next time around, I will go around in my subtle body and leave the physical back so that I don't miss out on our Comment-e-Mehfil. Who cares for Awais' blog anyway! I come here for your comments only :P
Awais Aftab said…
@ Rekhaa

Who cares for Awais' blog anyway!

Lolz. Kuch tu meray naazuk jazbaat ka khayal karain ;)