A Personal Gulag

This was sent to me by Iris during an email exchange, and I felt it needed to be shared.

Excerpt from The Gulag Archipelago:

"It was only when I lay there on the rotting prison straw that I sensed within myself the first stirrings of good. Gradually it was disclosed to me that the line separating good and evil passes not between states nor between social classes nor between political parties, but right through every human heart, through all human hearts. That is why I turn back to the years of my imprisonment and say, sometimes to the astonishment of those about me: "Bless you, prison!" I … have served enough time there. I nourished my soul there, and I say without hesitation: "Bless you, prison, for having been in my life!"

(This is so similar to Sri Aurobindo's experience too. This sentiment of being grateful to prison life which was responsible for a great awakening in life.)

This is needed. Much needed. A dread. A terror. The suffocation. That rises from an awareness of being trapped inside the prison of a personal gulag in one's own life. That's the real key to one's awakening. A path to real freedom. That is the time one should rejoice the most, I believe.


Komal said…
Yep, it's true.
Seeker said…
I was strapped and bound
To the iron chains of my freedom.
I cherished these restrains of illusions,
Its opulence and guised persecutions,
Needs tied to wants in knots of Desire.

The sentinel Slave guarded my Nature
I was kept secure in my lesser Palace
Prisoner, I lived content in Life's chamber
And dined with Hope and Good and Evil.

A suffering God I was, a chained God I was
Pain's fangs stung me a noon in my Prison
And bitter that poison gave a sweet Message
I listened to the Word with devout ears:
'That freed I shall be, as God I must be.
That freed I must be, as God I shall be.'

Beauty covert in the mud frame revealed
Its unknowns solved with Truth's formula
It is from Prison that I was freed, at last!
My soul now capered as the chains severed.

My lips now long to kiss The Infinity
And I wish to found The God in Life.