A Pakistan That Is Yet To Be Built

Pakistan needs no resurrection. It doesn't need a lesson in history, already repeated ad nauseum, neatly divided up into right-wing and left-wing versions. Forget the two nation theory, forget whether Pakistan was created in the name of Islam, forget whether Partition was a bloody mistake. It's done. Forget the visions of Iqbal. Forget even what Jinnah wanted. The solution is not in sifting through the past, important though it no doubt is. What Pakistan should be has nothing to do with why it was created. The solution is in looking forward. The solution is in new beginnings. The solution is a liberal, secular Pakistan. The solution is toleration of diversity. The solution is in opposing extremism and fanaticism. The solution is in fighting terrorism. The solution is in a democratic culture sensitive to safeguarding human rights. The solution is in modern education and critical thinking. The solution is in our hands, the youth and those who know better, of a Pakistan that is yet to be built. But we are in a minority, under threat from the majority. There are delusions to dispel, and it will not be easy. Have resolve, be the change, and be ready to play your part when the time comes. Let us not be blindly patriotic, delirious with the anthems of our greatness. On this day, let us be humble, let us be hopeful, and let us be aware that humanity knows no borders and that we are all united in the struggle for a better world.