Prophets of Yore

169. Christ came into the world to purify, not to fulfil. He himself foreknew the failure of his mission and the necessity of his return with the sword of God into a world that had rejected him.

170. Mahomed’s mission was necessary, else we might have ended by thinking, in the exaggeration of our efforts at self-purification, that earth was meant only for the monk and the city created as a vestibule for the desert.

171. When all is said, Love & Force together can save the world eventually, but not Love only or Force only. Therefore Christ had to look forward to a second advent and Mahomed’s religion, where it is not stagnant, looks forward through the Imams to a Mahdi.

172. Law cannot save the world, therefore Moses’ ordinances are dead for humanity & the Shastra of the Brahmins is corrupt & dying. Law released into Freedom is the liberator. Not the Pundit, but the Yogin; not monasticism, but the inner renunciation of desire and ignorance & egoism.

Sri Aurobindo, Aphorisms


Anonymous said…
Two widespread misconceptions:-
1. The second coming of Jesus ( May Allah Be Pleased With him).
There is no second coming of Jesus. He finished his work on earth. If he were to come for a second time, convert all to Muslims, there would be no justification for the final judgement.
(Ref:- Youtube clip:- Javed Ahmed Ghamdi and the Second coming of Jesus)
2. About Imam Mahdi, again this concept is not very certain. Yes I would quote Javed Ghamidi, but in my view this has caused a lot of problems as it is. Belief in this has shifted the focus of especially Pakistani Muslims away from reality into fantasy. They , instead of developing in the physical and economical sciences, have divided the world into us and them. Instead of realising that Islam is the message of the hearts, they look forward to an all out battle which is totally against logic. The final message has been revealed and each one us has to work towards it on our own. No mass conversions. No apocalyptic battles, as if we donot have enough already.
Finally coming to a post some time ago, where you mentioned that at least Christianity had a Paul.
As far as spirituality goes, the Prophets had the best Spiritual experiences. Whoever searches for the Ultimate Truth gets to some part of it, for e.g. Buddha. We are spiritual beings in reality living earthly lives.
Spirituality starts from a process of self annihilation. This process is again Initiated and aided in individuals by the Divine. To totally lose one's own self that one becomes a blemish less mirror for reflection of the Divine Truth. This station has been achieved in its highest degree by the Prophets, then by Saints, then by Sufi's. It involved immense patience and suffering in the face of extreme adversity by these individuals. Only when they had no personal desire left Allah "Exposed" their roles as Prophets.
These concepts of the second coming of Jesus and Imam Mahdi are not valid.
the final message in the most clear from has been revealed. It is up to each individual to discover it in themselves. Regards, Musaafir
stumblingmystic said…
The Anonymous commenter seems to have totally missed the point of the original post. ;-)