Fideist Atheist

How would a fideist theist, who believes in the superiority of blind faith over reason for arriving at religious truths, respond to a hypothetical 'fideist atheist' who says "I have faith that there is no God!"?


Anonymous said…
or the fidel atheist could just stop justifying his atheism and let it be. let the man who believes believe..why must one incessantly find the need to justify his/her beliefs. let it go.
F. said…
"For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."
Komal said…
Hmmmmm.... Good question. I guess this proves that fideism is wrong :P.
Uzair said…
you are imagining this as a new situation. more like, its the same as how a fideist theist from one religion will respond to a fideist theist of another religion.

plus, if you are believing with blind faith than responding becomes "optional" in ways because you already know you are not basing it on reason or rationality hence the term "blind" so you already know you can't (or haven't yet) justified it.

@F: nice quote by Stuart Chase. they actually used that quote in Criminal Minds (not that it matters at all in this discussion, lol)
Awais Aftab said…
@ Komal

I think so too.

@ Uzair

"more like, its the same as how a fideist theist from one religion will respond to a fideist theist of another religion."

Exactly! My point is that how can a fideist who ascribes truth value to his beliefs deal with the apparently arbitrary nature of blind faith, as manifested by people of different religions (or no religion at all)who justify their contradictory beliefs by blind faith as well. I am yet to hear a satisfactory answer to this. The only possible way out for a fideist is, I think, to admit that the beliefs do not warrant truth value, but rather some other value, such as pragmatic or mythical. But that kind of defeats the fideist's whole point.
Komal said…
Your point is a very good one. It isn't epistemically humble or responsible to believe in something based on no evidence at all. Fideism is an epistemically irresponsible position, and I suspect that those who call themselves that are in fact not basing their belief in God on faith alone, but on spiritual intuition, which they haven't treated in a systematic and introspective way.
My favorite show. ;P
Jawad Haider said…
A theist has one GREAT proof: If a man changes a wood into furniture then how can one imagine that a rightly ordered universe came into being on its own. There must be someone Who gave this universe a pulchritude, an order and shape. Every heart beats with the name of God, but an atheist doesn't listens that heart beat.
Awais Aftab said…
Malang said…
This brings to mind an odd parallel. Ever heard that one about 'the dog, the cat and god'. How man feeds, walks and takes care of a dog and it therefore thinks Man is god. So it worships at his feet.
Man feeds and takes care of a cat and therefore it thinks IT's god. And ought to stare him down from its perch.
Fideism is an absolute position. I don't think anything genuinely relevant to mankind can be dealt with in absolutes, atheist or theist.
The 27th Comrade said…
The Worldview that permits atheism—say, where things have to exist in spacetime to be real—cannot justify fideism (and therefore cannot appeal to it). So to speak: an atheist denies fideistic mandate in the same sentence that he says “God doesn’t exist.” He may not know it, but then, most people do not know the corollaries of things they shout from rooftops.

So a fideistic atheist, if one should be found, should be ignored for being fundamentally inconsistent. Not least because “gods do not exist” is a corollary of “faith doesn’t exist”.

The believer in God, however, cannot help being a fideist, since if God existed, there could be no sound proof of God.
The 27th Comrade said…
The point being, of course, that the theist fideist is correct, if fideism is possible at all, while the atheist fideist is demonstrably wrong, because he is being inconsistent.

(Sorry, I neglected to put the conclusion earlier on.)
Anonymous said…
I think it's out of the context, but it reminds me of something Ricky Gervais once said in an interview, "If there is a god, why did he make me an atheist?" haha.

It's a tough subject, but I believe in the excuses why someone has to go analyze his faith and one day just go "That's it, i'm tired of you creeps" Religion is probably alot like a relationship with your annoying in-laws, you bear them only because of the love for your partner, and one day, you just snap out!

I hope it makes any sense. Haha.

P.S. Great blog!

- Saad