Raped Pathani Larki

This is one of the interesting feedbacks I received on the Understanding Patriarchy and Honour article through email:

dunno y i thnk u r a pathani ladki n dat too a raped one hahaha
well really i wud luv to knw wt made u write dat article n us . u knw strange 4 a person to thnk abt it n write widout any reason so plzzzzzzzz tell me dying to knw
infact i agreeeee wid sum of ur ideas n share d same thnking n ma pathani gal too
w8ng 4 ur rp"

The author of this thinks that I am a raped pathani larki, as if she believes that only a girl can write about feminism in this country, and if the author is vocal, she has to be a pathan to explain the assertiveness, and she is unable to understand why someone would even consider writing such an article unless she has been raped herself. (Ever heard of empathy, sympathy, social intellectual responsibility?) Disappointing.


Komal said…
'... a raped one hahaha'? What the...?

So now telling someone you 'sound like a raped pathani larki' is an insult to them? What does a raped pathani larki sound like anyway? And why is having been raped a source of discredit or insult? If anything it should increase your credibility when talking about issues of rape, since it shows you have first-personal experience.

And what's with the anti-pathan racism? Argh! >.<
Komal said…
Also, laughing after saying that is basically laughing at rape. Once again: argh! >.<
Raajii said…
Yes, that is quite disappointing but you have to admit that in a country like Pakistan, there are not very many people like you, Awais :-).
F. said…
As you wrote:
"While it is men who create the notions of honor, it is women of the society who maintain and propagate them. The biggest opposition to feminism comes from within the women themselves. In the words of Ilsa Glaser, women act “as instigators and collaborators” with their gossips and accusations and discrimination against members of their own sex who have suffered the alleged ‘dishonor’."

This just proves how right you were.
uzair said…
My god. What a messed up email. More disturbing than disappointing!
Rekhaa said…
Looks like an email from either a flippantly dangerous person or a dangerously flippant person. Sick overall and shameful!